Day 66: Old Montreal



For those that have not been,honte sur vous.We unload the starfish( little car) of all the rally stuff,crank up the Garmin and head into the morning traffic.We want old Montreal,as all tourists.Keenan hadn't been before ,Quinn once ,Gin once or twice and me once on a senior hockey tour.(actually saw Les Habs play their last game in The Forum).

We park the car and our feet are on the ground ,so good ,now how do you get to see the real sites? Gin and I separated from the dawgs and we decided to make our move based on being in the same position in NY: The Grayline Tour.You know the gooby open top bus ,the cliche,the tourists snapping their pictures of everything that they pass.You did hear the tragic story about that Japanese bus tour that got robbed recently? Bad news is they lost all their money.Good news ,they got 1,789 pictures of the guy.The only ungooby thing I can say about us were that we weren't wearing Tilley hats.Floridians in front of us were choked because they had come up to Canada to cool off and it was torture hot.

We had plans to reunite for lunch and for sure it was going to be poutine and Montreal smoked beef.Plans being plans though,the Joe Beef's and Swartz's of old Montreal were not about to dissolve their one hour lineups for us rubes.We confirmed that pretty well all restaurants in the city are good by randomly picking a beauty.We went quiche ,Caesar salad and sangria ,the boys pizza ,something you could get in Yorkton,but it was great.Gin and I split up after ,she shopping for a Panama hat (cute and inspired by multiple K - Dawg's headwear purchases ( Gin hates to be out shopped) and I to the Beatles Museum,for a look at Lennon's flower painted Royles Royce and collection of the Fab Four's Gretch's,Rickenbackers and Fenders.

We reunited back at the bar where Gin's two old IBM pals Carl and Normande,met us for a cocktail.Soon all the chickens were in the barn and we motored back to the KOA with our minds on that cool saltwater pool.Apologies for going on about the food,but I'm determine to show Canadians who are worried about being too thin that one can actually cycle across Canada and gain weight.To that end we grilled marinated tuna kabobs,fried peppers,garlic and onions,accompanied by brown rice and Gin's fav,Swiss chard.Our A/C unit was a game saver as we tucked in to read with a fingernail moon rising in the black sky beyond.