Day 63: Perth into the Nation's Capital



Veteran rider and new pal Scott Turner (remember we stayed at his place on Lake Huron) and his tall athletic daughter, Maddie, joined us for this stint into Ottawa today. We found some cool back roads into Ottawa and on Scott's prompting agreed to ride the Rideau Canal bike paths into downtown. The trip was worth it and cycling by the powerboats, tour boats, kayakers and canoe-ers meandering down the canal, we soon began to see the reasons the inhabitants loved their city so much. We chilled on a patio over fish and chips, then proceeded to, of course, the Parliament Buildings and the locks. After a a few hammy pics we headed back along the other side of the canal to Maddie's place to plan the next move. Try as we could to set up a rally in Ottawa, the members were not sitting and focused on their families and cottage country.

This had the dawgs joining Maddie at the annual blues festival and Gin and I headed to our new host, gracious Liz Styffe's townhome in east Ottawa, complete with swimming pool. Liz is sis to Whistler pal Ed Styffe, who has lost some good friends to depression over the years and has supported us from the beginning. Cheers to you Eddie. Liz had thoughtfully arranged drinks and steaks on her back deck and that about concluded our day. Gin and I weren't long for the world as they say and I would have had a deep slumber if it were not for my special worrisome buddy shaking me awake not once but twice screeching at me at 2AM to get up because it was my time to ride. Chill dear.....