Day 62: Kingston to Perth



A short-ish ride albeit in the increasing sweltering South Ontario heat took us into our pretty campground earlier than usual today. The mayor of Perth saw to it that our spot for the night was comped and warmly received we were. This 27 acre treed site on the Tay River is named Last Duel Park, the scene of the last pistol duel in Canada in 1833.

Law students Robert Lyon and John Wilson, duelled for the honour of Miss Elizabeth Hughes (must have been quite the vixen). Lyon was considered a crack shot, but both shots missed their mark. The pistols were reloaded and fired simultaneously. Lyon fell mortally wounded. Wilson was arrested but later acquitted. John Wilson married Hughes in 1835 and had three children. Wilson went on to become a lawyer, judge and an MP. The actual pistols can be seen in the Perth museum.

The stifling heat led me and the dawgs to a pool hall where we hydrated and tried their hardest to beat up on old uncle Ker. Double not. A tasty BBQ and a deep sleep rounded out a wonderful day.

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