Day 60: Hogtown to Brighton along Lake Ontario



I heard George W. sent a few scouts over the border, so I rounded up a few of my sharpshooters to take 'em out.

Gin and I were up early for a big media day in Toronto. Our first session was live morning Global TV, which I think went well. After was breakfast with Kristine Skelly, who schools there. She is daughter of great friends Bill and Jan Skelly of Vancouver (via Winnipeg of course), who have always supported us and our cause over the years.

An awkward double cross town trip to pick up the RV, finally had us on our way to Brighton until Global called again and wanted us to meet for another shoot for their evening news. We finally hooked up and did quite a long piece, including interviews, and cycling shots from different angles. It's certainly great to have their support and the producer assured us he would contact the Halifax and Montreal stations to get a session there. Soon we were in our comfortable KOA (the Caddy of Campgrounds), complete with pool and hot tub. Folks continued to give along the route today. Some lady stopped us in the parking lot and gave $5 - thoughtful. Another stopped and gave $20 - nice. The campground owners, besides "comping" us for the night, wrote out a cheque for $200 - sweet! A hot muggy day made the dip in the pool that much more enjoyable and the cool wind blowing up the ridge through the screen in our aft cabin made for sweet dreams.

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