Day 58: Rolling Into Steeltown



Protein derived from home made cold stewed rhubarb on toast (no sugar, of course) with copious cups of joe fortified us for our Tour de Canada today on our leg from Niagara on the Lake to the home of the Tigercats of Hamilton. A nice surprise was being joined again by 2 expert guides and riders Rob and Scott, who had joined us before. They led us through pleasant back roads that most Torontonians would never see. Before long we arrived at Rob and Bonnie's lovely home in the outskirts, complete with cool saltwater pool. After a refreshing plunge, a respite from the 91 degree temps., we tucked into cold cut sandwiches and icy bevies.

From here on it was all business as a good friend Janice Goodbrand had set up a rally at a local pub. Although there were no health care professionals present there was a great group of well wishers, a hot hamburger and an auction table and raffle, which all made for a fun and I hope for them, an informative evening. One chap there had lost his son some months before and took the mike after our speeches, to share his story and determination to raise the awareness through a website and fundraising activities of his own. After mingling and many photo ops we adjourned back to Rob's home to review the day and basically eat them out of house and home. I think we all really felt good about resuming the most important part of the trip, raising awareness and destigmatising depression and other mental illnesses.

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