Day 56: Leaving Lake Huron for the Interior



After a rousting breakfast at Scott and Dawn’s, another keen rider joins us for our 145km stint today to Petersberg, Ontario. This young keener is Thomas Dowler, a childhood friend of Kelty's and son of good Vancouver friends (of course ex-Winnipeggers), Jim and Judy Dowler. Jim had previously been on our board and has generously donated time and money to our effort. Thomas has been living in Guelph in the agri-business field and this tri- athlete jumped on the chance to reunite with us and spin spokes for a few miles.

A sunny day and a friendly south wind carried through farm fields of soybeans and wheat, mixed in with some cattle and horse ranches. Horses still play a big role in this area, especially with the Mennonite population who eschew modern technology and still use old fashion horsepower for all of their operations. We chose Petersberg as our day’s destination for two reasons. One was that it was equidistant from Hamilton and Niagara Falls that we are travelling to tomorrow. Secondly we heard it has a famous pub called the Blue Moon. In the end we got the equidistant part right but the Blue Moon was pretty well a bust. Another campground owner went out of his way to comp our stay and help us in any way he could. These campground folks have been fabulous to us and to other travellers promoting worthy causes. We look forward to our day off tomorrow and our expedition to Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls.

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