Day 52: We See Our Way to Blind River



Now we sweep the shores of another of the mighty Great Lakes, Lake Huron. A cute little red fox bids us adieu as he cuts across a trucking lot on Soo's outskirts. Le soliel est brille as Gin rides a Sow' Wester on a double highway out of town, making excellent time. After her 40 kms, I take over to do mine. The road narrows and the shoulders are very thin to non existent. Although the big hills are behind us, the traffic is heavy. At one point I pull over to take a hit of Poweraid and two pilot cars are leading a semi loaded with what must be a 16' trailer. This load covers the whole shoulder, leading down to a gravel incline, so I consider the timing of the thirst quenching stop a lucky one.

Now we are kind of in "No Mans Land", because all of the towns for the next few days are small, but Ontario - even in this area - is well covered by satellite and towers so Internet is ok. We see highway signs warning of slow moving vehicles etc. but don't catch on until an Old Order Amish man doffed in the cult's favourite color, passes by in his horse drawn buggy. We scramble for our cameras, but this guy is on a mission and disappears around a corner. There is some confusion as I pull off on a side road to take a leak and the crew whizz by on the Hwy. We are to meet in a small lakeside town for lunch, Thessalon, but they think I am in front of them and after driving through the hamlet, decide I have missed the turn and continue east. After a bit of a wait, we connect back in town and settle in for the biggest serving of beer battered fish (whitefish) and home cut chips I've ever seen. Q Dawg, a major scoffer, can't even finish!

Gin and I alternate along our route with glimpses of the big lake and follow the Mississagi River into McIvors campground, arriving about 4pm. Hot showers, some frisbee and catching up on e mail bring us to dinner. Q Dawg and I battle it out on the scrabble board and darkness comes quickly on one of the longest nights of the year.

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