Day 48: Peddling Hard Through Superior Country



More grey skies and a Nor' Easter set the tone for another tough day. Although only a half club wind, it and the hills wore us down. Gin had some big hills rolling out of Marathon, which smoothed out when my turn came behind the handlebars. When we filled up near White River the owner said the fishing was unreal, with walleyes so big it was tough to get the small ones. (For you non fisher persons: popular theory in the old days was to keep the big ones and let the bananas go. New theory which works much better - duh - is to release the big ones (the breeders) and keep the little ones.)

One bit of fun for me today was on rounding a corner, a nice size black bear began to cross the highway on the opposite side. I had good speed up and he was ambling as black bears do, so I had to brake some and swerve over to his side as he passed. He stopped in the ditch and turned with a "What the hell was that" look, before he continued along. Gin and I alternated and I finished the day in a light rain at a campground at a place called Hammer Lake. This spot I don't recommend for a honeymoon. The campground was run down and we were met by droves of mosquitoes. The only redeeming feature must have been the good fishing, because we peaked in one freezer and it was full of good-sized rainbow, walleye and northern pike fillets. Another nice surprise is that we could connect to internet, albeit slow as it was and we catch up on the outside world. On nights like this where we can't enjoy the outdoors, we get out the chess, crib board, scrabble or a play a new card game called Dutch Blitz. We tuck in after a nice supper prepared by the dawgs.