Day 41: Kenora at our backs. We take on Lake Superior.



The big Gitchagumi beckons us from our comfortable nest at The Lake O' The Woods but we 're up to the challenge. Q Dawg played Rip Van Winkle most of the day while we manned our posts.

Chagrinned to be facing the beastly Easterlies again, the upside was a not lengthy stretch of 137kms to the pulp mill town of 8000, Dryden, Ontario. Adding to the 1 club wind against us were once again rolling hills reminiscent of The Foothills. Gin finished her first 40km stint tired and sweaty. I was next and finished mine in similar fashion as we pulled into Buster's BBQ, in Vermillion Bay. Alternate 30km stints carried us into Dryden.

I knew the town well as a fishing guide throughout my university days and had flown by floatplane, Beavers, Otters, Cessnas and Twin Beeches from there many times to get to our lodge at Bending Lake. A couple of summers later I returned to fight forest fires there and developed a genuine affinity for the country. Our lodging had been all set up by a fellow, Jeff Proudfoot, who had resided there but now lived in Lethbridge, AB. Jeff had lost a son to suicide and as many have done, connected with our cause and the loss of our Kelty and our Riley. In some ways as another mother, who suffered a similar fate said, "We all speak the same language now." He had directed us to a beautiful old lodge on the Wagagoon River called Riverview Lodge. This was no Motel 6! Riverview was built in 1910 originally for the GM of the leading employer in town, The Dryden Pulp Mill. Set on a 3.5 acre treed site, the building was chink log construction and although doubled in size later by a brick extension, the original part has been superbly maintained. There are only 12 rooms and in its heyday waiters served dining room customers in red jackets and vests. Jeff went all out, placing Gin and I in the presidential suite and gentlemen (dawgs) in the executive suite. In addition Jeff took care of the dinner, with all the trimmings, even the tip! We polished off a tasty dinner and were coaxed by the proprietors into their special finale: homemade almond roca ice cream (best we've ever had.) All in all not a bad way to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary. As we closed out the evening we agreed that we would not have wished to be anywhere else or with anyone else on this special day. YYYYYYYiiiiiiiiiiPPPPPeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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