Day 39: Nothing Like the Lake



A beautiful Lake O'Woods sunrise awakened us, but it was business as usual as Gin prepared for an invitation from Eileen Wilton to set up a table for our cause at the Farmers Market, harbourside. This market is set up at The Whitecap Pavilion and is quite something for a small town, a mini Granville St. Market if you will. Gin sold several books and friends of friends came up to our table and seemed to know all about our trip and either bought books or left well wishes. This has been quite an "opportunity" for lack of a better word to not only connect with friends but with their relatives as well.

Our lollygagging day was hijacked by a chore day as K and Q Dawg helped to shop groceries, after setting up for Gin. We were then off to the bike shop to repair a front Shimano derailed on my Giant, then out to Kenora Truck and Trailer to get the oil changed on the Starship. We found out there that the Starship was not propelled by a 10 cylinder Ford engine as we thought ,but with a Chevy 454 V/8 power plant. At both the bike shop and the garage we qualified for the golden rule of the road, which is, even if both are completely busy (which they said they were), they will make time for folks on the road. Quinn and I killed sometime in Kenora, over a cold pint on a deck overlooking the harbour, while Gin lunched with an old family friend, Sharon Abbott. K Dawg was back at John's, exploring the neighboring islands in a kayak.

We all reunited before dinner and dove into the late May temperature waters to remind us that we were still alive and warm blooded. Dinner, if anyone is interested was a pasta smorgasbord, featuring a steaming bowl of whole wheat pasta, and add your own helpings of Alfredo mushroom sauce, rich agostino sauce, purchased at the market and scallops and shrimp sautéed in butter with white wine. A delicious hot cheesy-jalapeño bread and crispy Caesar salad rounded out the meal. Did I tell you about special coffees and fresh lemon pie for dessert? The meal was consumed on TV tables as we took in the 4th game of the Stanley Cup. We relish the time off here, as we contemplate the rolling hills and long days we face on the carbon twins ahead.

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