Day 24: Cruising Though Ancient Glacial Plains



Aahhhhhaa, we wake to blue skies and a welcoming sun, a couple of Baltimore orioles feeling on the bright yellow flowers of a caragana hedge filling our windshield. Greg Norman says, "Happiness is a long walk with a putter." We say, "Happiness is a downhill with a good tailwind, just after a semi has passed you doing 120kms." Today we have those conditions and we're licking our chops to hit the road. Surely enough Quinn and Gin finish their leg with an average speed of over 30km/hr - a new record. We make Gull Lake in record time and tuck into t-rex size burgers and trucker gauge java.

We have been joined by two of Swift Currents best wheel jocks: Peter, a fireman and bike shop owner, and his bud Larry, retired mortgage guy. They patiently wait for us to finish before we set out for the remaining 57 km to SC. 10km out however, we are met by another 8 or 9 more amateur posse, who accompany us into the town centre. Nice!

K dawg has gone ahead in the Starfish to set up our sales tent and we arrive into the market square just as the crown starts to trickle in. The air is mixed with the smell of BBQ smokies and human scents of what's going to happen next. The deputy mayor and David Spencer from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Gin, and I all speak. After, Quinn the MC invites anyone from the crowd to come up and relate their story about the cause. Surprisingly or not, three come forward and tell moving stories about their own depression and loss and thank us and the organizers for the rally. Susan Motkaluk, CAO, who I got to know after renting mom's cottage at Victoria Beach to, has played a big role in this and Susan: we thank you. All in all a satisfying day, but not completely until we leave the Indian restaurant, with full bellies of lamb curry, butter chicken, rice and a double ration of buttery hot garlic naan bread.

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