Day 13: Deserved Relaxation



I will try to catch you up on our ride to date. Actually, you catch us on Day 13, spending two days off in Banff, because we are two days ahead of schedule. We have passed the 1000km mark and of course have already crossed our own beautiful BC into Alberta. Outside of a wet start, the journey has been interesting to say the least. Combining the message of awareness of mental illness and pounding home the stigma associated with the disease will eventually change society's attitudes, so there is satisfaction in that aspect. So many have come forward to tell their stories and thank us for our efforts. Ginny's book, Choosing Hope, has been a springboard to launch our campaign and it's timing couldn't have been better.

As we prepare to depart tomorrow east through the mountains and into the Foothills, momentum is definitely building. West Fraser Timber plans a sizeable rally and BBQ at Rocky Mountain House and our Calgary event will be a two day monumental event with their Health Minister speaking, an open rally at McMahon Stadium and breakfast with various CEOs at The Petroleum Club, interaction with SAIT student body etc. Rallies in Swift Current, Winnipeg, Kenora, Toronto and even PEI are building.

On another front the journey has been a blast. Sure, peddling up through the Rockies is a grunt, but what goes up tucks down at upwards of 65-70 km per hour. Our bodies and machines are working like a Swiss train. The road dawgs as we call them (my nephews Quinn and Keenan Dennehy from Whitehorse) and us get along great. We are like a moving Las Vegas electronics show, with iPods, iPads, computers, walkie talkies, Hero head and bike cams, lights ,and more. It is glory to be in our RV Starship, our moving motel ,our home on wheels. We sleep like babies and prepare the gourmay-est of meals. We have great sounds and lots of storage, a tank that fills up around $400 and a tow car in case we need to break ahead to set up a rally of hustle groceries. Our dear old friend The Fairmont Chateau Whistler thanks to Sue Bjormark has set us up here in Banff at the storied Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. You may remember popular Dave Roberts the GM who ran Whistler for years. He is now running this hotel and has been so welcoming to Ginny and I and our crew.

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