Our Trusty Steads



How's this for bike beaking? Norco testifies our new carbon Valences will explode forward when we press on the pedals and will dampen road vibrations without sacrificing efficiency. Skip and Peter at Norco have fully loaded us with seat bags, pulsating front and back lights, floor and mini pumps, water bottles, Sigma bike computers, bike locks, Lazer helmets, custom saddles, special continental tires, two extra wheels, tubes, tires, gloves, jerseys, bike tools, a huge folding Norco tent, bike workbench and more. They are doing everything they can to advance our 60 year old bodies safely and swiftly across our beautiful land.

Uh, they're not done with us yet. Our first day Sunday we ride from Whistler to North Vancouver, but on our second day, the North Vancouver to Mission stretch, Norco are hosting a company BBQ at their Coqulitlam headquarters. Did I mention that they have sent our route plan to their national dealers, asking riders to join us along the way? Paving the way for awareness of mental illness? Resoundingly so!!

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