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Whistler more affordable for families

One-person households still struggling



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The Whistler 2020 basket of goods is similar to other cost-of-living measures and takes into account the cost of things like accommodation, groceries and transportation, while also taking into account costs that are unique to Whistler such as ski passes and bikes. The WCS updates its "basket of goods" for Whistler residents every year.

To keep Whistler affordable for residents, Wilson said that wages are as important as keeping the basket of goods affordable.

"That's not to pit wage earners against business owners, because they also need money to survive and some business owners aren't making the compensation needed for their family either," said Wilson. "The question is how can we keep the cost-of-living down in Whistler for the most vulnerable, and how can we ensure the economy is delivering the best it can for the people living here."

To that end, Wilson said the best way to keep the cost of living in check is for the community to work in collaborative ways. "It's better to enlarge the pie, as opposed to fighting over the pieces," he said.

The WCS is not making specific recommendations on how to improve results, hoping that stakeholders, experts and citizens in the community can work together on solutions. Wilson pointed to groups like the Whistler Housing Authority and Whistler Community Services Society that provide a service to the community while reviewing numbers provided through the monitoring program. The municipality also has the EPI group that is looking at ways to strengthen and diversify the local economy.

The goal is also to get the public to comment, said Wilson, and the website,, does have links where people can comment on Whistler's progress and make suggestions.

"People can go (to the website) and under each measure there's a question, 'how do you think Whistler is doing — how can we do better,'" said Wilson.

"We wanted to ensure there was an opportunity for the folks that read the indicators to actually go in and make comments on it, which we refer to those partner organizations that are the experts. By sharing our insights with their insights, we can use that to create better strategies to improve Whistler's progress towards our goal of being a premier mountain resort community moving towards sustainability."

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